Get Involved

There are various ways to participate with Many Mouths One Stomach aside from participating in our events. MMOS invites you to make this event your own by getting involved with volunteering and/or participating in our various projects.

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Since its inception, MMOS has always remained a fairly small collective of artists, educators, and activists who have been responsible for the bulk of the Procession and other events promoting Festal Culture. As the All Souls Procession Weekend grows and meets more of the public’s needs, it also requires more community members to come forth and help with the organization and execution of each event/activity. These “Buckstoppers” are the persons ultimately responsible for the success or failure of their areas of responsibility, and without them, ASP Weekend simply could not happen. The Buckstoppers are an integral part of MMOS and the community it fosters.

Every Buckstopper is accountable to the ASP Event Director. Buckstoppers are chosen for their specific skill sets, networks, and ability to be responsible. Every Buckstopper begins by developing their own Crews to assist them in creating their events. We have a whole community available to assist the Buckstopper with ideas and resources, so don’t hesitate to ask MMOS for help networking you to others.

Buckstoppers will receive an ASP T-shirt, an artist-signed ASP poster and passes to three (3) MMOS Fundraisers.

Please CONTACT us if you are interested in filling any of the following Buckstopper positions, and specify any skill sets you may have. We are trying to secure enough funding to pay for certain key positions that require more time to successfully fulfill, beyond the 3-4 months of the ASP Season, but currently we are still in a financial struggle to pay for the Procession alone each year.

Consider Becoming a Board Member

Our dedication to creating radically inclusive and participatory events is not easy and requires a lot of time and dedication. We are always interested in expanding our community and outreach.  If you are interested in becoming an official MMOS board member-please write a piece from 300-3000 words describing what you can bring to the board and what your inspiration is for wanting to work with us.