Fonda Hamilton-Insley

Fonda Hamilton-Insley is a native Tucsonan, raised in a home full of music and dance by her mother, a folk artist, and father whose life’s work is helping handicapped children. Fonda has led a life full of community service and support for the arts.

Fonda went on to become a founding member of Midriff Crisis, a Tribal Fusion Dance Troupe, as well as a part of Feral Rhythms percussion group. Fonda has served on the Board of Directors of the a.k.a. Theatre and the Historic Fox Tucson Theatre. She was named volunteer of the year for the Tucson AIDS Project

Passionate about animals she has taken in many injured and abused animals. Currently she has 4 dogs, a cat and a ferret that were all victims of abuse.

Fonda has participated in the All Souls Procession for several years and is fascinated by Festal Culture and its many forms.