Nadia Hagen

Nadia Hagen is the artistic director of Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theatre Company and Artistic Director for the Finale ceremony of the All Souls Procession.
Nadia’s 20 year contribution to the Procession is one of the many reasons it has grown so popular over the last 2 decades.

Nadia spent many years as a musician with the infamous group Crash Worship and other theatrically based groups as well as directing both theatre and dance in the southwest region before founding Flam Chen in 1994.  Since then Flam Chen has put much of it’s energy and passion for quality and intention based performance into the Procession on an annual basis.  Nadia designs, choreographs and manufactures costumes and props, creating the Spirit groups and enabling and empowering 100’s of other artists and creatives to dedicate time and resources into the Procession as a yearly artist’s testament to the dead.