From Nadia Hagen, Many Mouths One Stomach founding board member and Artistic Director for the All Souls Procession Grand Finale ceremony:   A HUGE THANK YOU!

To ALL OF YOU who put your sweat, love, hard work, generosity, creativity and dedication into this year’s ALL SOULS PROCESSION….Here goes, not in any particular order:

Most Special Gratitude to the Tech CrewRandy, Heather, John, Moises, Dan, Kipp and Howard for being wet and cold and muddy and efficient and diligent and bad-ass.

Thanks to DVE Brent and Ron for building us an incredible stage.

Thanks to Soundwave for crystal clear sound that traveled the whole site .

Big Thanks to Huna and Gary at Event Horizon who have always been so good to us.

Thanks to Max for being brave enough to let us use those killer lights and brave the brutal rainstorm.

Thanks to Adam, Kira, Gal and Glenn at Mercado for being such gracious hosts and standing by us in our struggles to wade thru the bureaucracy.

All The Wonderful guest performers on site, Flight School, Jodi Netzer and Dancers, Batucaxe, Odaiko Sonora, AZ Burners Phoenix Enclave and especiallyEnrique from Portland who will (we Hope) be our featured musical guest for 2012.

Thanks To all the banging Musical Crews who waited patiently on 5th Ave to be fed into the fray. Thanks to Silver Thread and especially Roskruge Mariachi for filling the night with song.

Thanks To Gary for Power and pushing THE BUTTON.

Love and Gratitude for all the Spirit Groups and especially your directors, Loriefor always putting her heart and soul into the dance and Barry for building stupendous wings- and thanks to the newbies– the Fire Crew that hit it so good– the Attendants that outdid themselves and the Aerial Crew that risk life and limb so we can be inspired.

An extra hug for To-Ree-Nee who takes care of all the magical details that keep us safe and grounded.

Thanks to Lisa and Dwight for selling the hell out of some merch-

and all the Volunteers who sacrificed being in the Procession to give the Procession to us thru their hard work.

To Randy for being our Beast of Burden and looking good in those purple pants.

Good Thoughts to Lindy for a speedy recovery.

Thanks to all who made Little Angels so fab! Big Kudos to Jacqueline for stepping up to the plate and Valarie and Melanie for sacrificing themselves to the paint gods.

Thanks to Jhon who helped from afar.

Thanks to Stories That Soar, Sharon O Brien and the cast for empowering and giving voice to the stories children tell.

Thanks to all the TCA kids who got blisters from their stilts and their poi and especially Rosa who was a most graceful moon.

Thanks Cub Club Samba for rocking the house and being so darn purple!

Thanks to Katherine for herding all those cats and thanks to all the parents who drove their kids to practice and took them to the bathroom in their stilts- not an easy task!

Thanks to Joe, not only for facilitating the Children’s Altar art team but for taking on the Ushers directorship for All Souls Procession!

Thanks to Jeannette and Colleen and the amazing Ben’s Bells Project for helping to bring many more families into the Children’s Altar Project.

Thanks to Tucson Children’s MuseumCapoeira Brasil Tucson and Valley of theMoon for hosting all the wing-making workshops.

Thanks to Maya and Ocotillo Poetry Slam for taking on Soul Poetry!

Thanks to Robin Landers who truly understands what park space is for and what it can be for a community.

Thanks to OCCUPY Tucson for being welcoming and diligently fighting for the 99%.

and for helping make the Little Angels magical.

Thanks to Athena, Brandye, Leslie, JJ and all the Stilters with helped on costumes.

Thanks to our Board members for support and glue gun skills.

Thanks to Our amazing crew of photographers headed by Alfonso and Jeff Smithfor hosting the Photo Competition and flying over us and not spitting.

Thanks to Steve Eye for hosting the Poster Exhibition at Arches and thanks to Tom Valentine for creating a sensational work for 2012.

A huge Thank You to Michael Contreras for giving us artwork that made everyone Ooh and Ah and for drawing us where we wanted to be so that it had to happen.

Thanks to Lini for her fundraising help and licking all those envelopes.

Special Thanks to Those fabulous gals at POPCYCLE and the Surly Wench who curated an amazing auction and evening of entertainment and donated ALL the proceeds to ASP. Thanks to the Mission Creeps and Black Cherry Burlesque.

Thanks to the artists who donated their talents Vox UrbanaOrbital Evolutionand Mamaxe.

A huge shout out to All our Sponsors!

Big Thanks To Kurt and John at FAMA for all their help.

Thanks to Michael Keith and all the purple people who matched this year’s color theme so well.

Thanks to Zocalo and KXCI who shared our info with everyone for free.

Thanks to Leslie and her Documentary crew for following us around and getting in the way and making us cry with all the amazing footage they got.

Thanks to Doug and the staff at the Rialto Theater. A huge thanks to CALEXICO and all the performers

at Dance of the Dead. And a special shout out to Strange Family Circus who traveled down from PHX.

Thanks to Diana Rhoades and Regina Romero for getting us the best route ever.

Thank you to Sylvia and Tom at ADOT for expediting our application.

Thank You to TPD for protecting and serving and keeping my bill down.

Thank you to TFD for putting band-aids on our owies.

Thank you to DPS and Roadsafe Barricade and Parkwise for keeping cars from hitting us.

Not enough thanks is possible to everyone in FLAM CHEN who donate all their effort and their time every year to making this event memorable.

Enormous thanks and gratitude to all of YOU who have donated to help support your Procession…we are making it happen, together!

And The Biggest Thanks to Paul Weir who truly is a supermensch and works harder to make this world better and more beautiful than any human I know. And who is also the best lover and friend a girl could wish for- (and I did.)

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