All Souls Procession Official Announcement 2020

MMOS is officially cancelling the physical, public aspects of the event for 2020.MMOS will NOT be closing streets for foot traffic or facilitating public gathering sites on Grande Avenue and the Mercado District. MMOS will also cancel all Official Pre and After party gatherings.MMOS will be bolstering all digital engagement aspects of the event and…

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Heartbeat of the Urn: an interview with Odaiko Sonora

Jhon Sanders speaks with Odaiko Sonora co-founders Rome Hamner and Karen Falkenstrom on their vision for the 2014 All Souls Procession grand finale ceremony, their history with the Procession, Japanese and Korean ancestors rites, and much more!

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Jhon Sanders of Many Mouths One Stomach talks with Michael Antares and Tyson Lynn from Seattle’s Honk! Fest West about the brass band renaissance, the role of street music in folk life, and all things Honk.

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