All Souls Procession Official Announcement 2020

MMOS is officially cancelling the physical, public aspects of the event for 2020.
MMOS will NOT be closing streets for foot traffic or facilitating public gathering sites on Grande Avenue and the Mercado District. MMOS will also cancel all Official Pre and After party gatherings.
MMOS will be bolstering all digital engagement aspects of the event and keeping the core ceremony alive. MMOS will deliver live stream broadcast and digital public access of the Finale ceremony.
We make this decision with the health and safety of our community foremost in our hearts and minds.

We will shift our Free Workshop series to a digital tutorial format, where folks can participate via Zoom and other formats. Times and dates will be announced on our website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and direct E Mail for subscribers.
We hope the workshops will continue to give folks the opportunity to process grief though art and provide teaching opportunities for up to 15 local artists to share their skills.

Ancestor’s Project
The Ancestors Project will expand capacity for submissions.
Photos of loved ones can be sent digitally to the All Souls website HERE.
These images will be projected during the Live Stream of the Finale and also presented as a slideshow on the All Souls Website. We suspect that the demand for this interaction will be greater than in years past. MMOS will continue to facilitate submissions to the “Why We Walk” FB album, an online collection of images and stories from our community.
Upload to Gallery HERE

The Urn and Finale Ceremony
MMOS will also be accepting Prayers and small paper mementos to be placed and burned in the Urn that are mailed and submitted to us digitally. Stations for physical collections of prayers will be set up during All Souls season (beginning in September 2020) with map locations published in local media. The Finale ceremony ”Burning of the Urn” will be closed to the public but we will endeavor to Live Stream the ceremony on multiple platforms and handle heavier online traffic. Attendants will perform live and music will be composed by our 2020 Musical guest-TBA. Upload content for the Urn HERE

Crew and Volunteers
Volunteer and paid calls for tech support, stagehands and workshop artists will go out in August. Volunteer Submissions are always open on our website and through our FB Volunteers page.

Your continued support for the event is needed and much appreciated! Funds that would be used for street closures, Security and out of town performer fees will be devoted to staff, tech and director stipends, expanding our video capabilities and online portals. If there is a surplus, MMOS will save funds for future events. We are grateful for the level of flexibility and resilience our community has always shown in the face of adversity. This event means more now then ever before and we are grateful for your continued support and participation… DONATE HERE

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