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All Souls Procession theme for 2019

In the Realm of the Unseen Deeply inspired by the immersive and evocative soundscapes of this year’s musical Director, Steve Roach, We are honored to announce the theme for ASP 2019: In the Realm of the Unseen: Around us, inside us and within and between the molecules of everything we touch, is a hidden Universe….

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Support the All Souls Procession!

This year culminates in the 30th Annual All Souls Procession Weekend! From its humble beginnings as an intimate gathering of artists in 1990-the event now draws over 150,000 international participants in an overwhelming weekend of powerful and transformational events!  This is not only a testament to the tenacity of our community but to our compassion…

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MMOS News Update: Autumnal Equinox 2013

Fall greetings to you, friends and family! Once again the temporal wheel turns and we find ourselves entering into the season of the dead, where we remember and celebrate what is most important in our fleeting, mortal lives….the great love that sustains us in this world. May it always be uppermost in our hearts and minds as we choose our action paths from moment to moment, that the best of ourselves will shine through.

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