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All Souls Procession 2011

  Here’s another excellent clip from Gerry Loew taken from material for our forthcoming documentary on the All Souls Procession. Please support the Procession. With an estimated cost of $80,000 this year, your help is essential and we can’t do without it! Only $3-$4 from everyone who attends is all that’s needed. A lot of…

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A Bit of History

Check this out, it’s the original grant co-written by Susan Johnson and Mykl Wells for the first public All Souls Procession in 1990, the year following Susan’s performance piece for her deceased father that started it all! Thanks to Mykl Wells for scanning and sharing!

MMOS News Update: Summer Solstice 2011

  It’s summertime in the Old Pueblo again, the time of year in the Sonoran desert when the influence of the elements over our lives is at its peak, and that influence is surely being felt by many here now; along with the scorching heat that we are all accustomed to enduring, we also have…

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Happy Campers

A few video clips taken during the second day of the first two-week session at our Tucson Circus Arts summer Circus Camp 2011!

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