MMOS News Update: Winter Solstice 2013

mmos_logo winter Blessings of the coming New Year to everyone from your friends at Many Mouths One Stomach! May it see us all continue in our growth as individuals and as communities, with creativity and love leading the way.

This quarter’s news is very straightforward and I’m just going to give it to you in a few bullet points for a quick and easy read. So off we go!

The main news in the wake of each All Souls Procession Weekend for many years now has been the outstanding debt monies still remaining to be raised for the previous event season. This is true today as well, but with a very noteworthy exception: we are closer to solvency at year’s end than we ever have been before, with roughly $8,000 left to go on Procession 2013!

This is thanks to all of  YOU who have given to support in whatever way or amount you are able, individuals and businesses alike! More of you have contributed within the September-December window than ever before. For this we are not only grateful, but also very hopeful!

We envision a near-future where each All Souls Procession Weekend is paid for in full by the end of each year’s very same All Souls Procession Weekend in November. This can only happen if we all work together, and we see the momentum growing for it right now!

Everyone who loves the Procession has something to offer to help make this vision an annual reality. Many such offerings amount to a lot even when they are modest, when all of the stakeholders (that’s you!) are making them together.

One of the best ways to help is by setting up a recurring donation with Network For Good via the link on our donation page of even just $1 or $2 monthly. Again, if everyone who attends the All Souls Procession offered just $2 or $3 as a one-time donation, that alone is enough to pay for the event and even provide for some of the next year’s. That’s how little it takes, if everyone is contributing. Of course, donation in any frequency or amount is always appreciated!

Other ways anyone can offer help could be setting up mini-fundraisers with the assistance of friends on behalf of the All Souls Procession, then making a donation with the proceeds. Yard or bake sales, house parties, you name it! It can be fun and it can be easy.

You can also help greatly by boosting our signal in your conversations with others. Let them know the Procession needs their help to survive, help them learn how they can participate and to pass the word along themselves. When you see one of our posts over Facebook or Twitter about fundraising issues or other vitals, you can click the share or re-tweet buttons to extend our reach of communication so that everyone who attends and loves the Procession understands what the situation is. This is what an entirely community-driven event such as the All Souls Procession needs to survive and thrive!

With a week left remaining in 2013, we could make history together by finishing off the $8,000 remaining on this year’s All Souls Procession by the end of the same year for the first time ever! Help us rally the community support to sew up that debt and press on toward fundraising for All Souls Procession Weekend 2014. Offer a few dollars if you haven’t already and encourage your friends who attend Procession to help too. Pass along this link to our donation page and be a part of the network that keeps the Procession alive!

and TWO LAST NEWS ITEMS for 2013!

We’re offering an all-ages, family-friendly NEW YEAR’S EVE BALL at Rhythm Industry this Dec. 31st from 9 pm until 2 am, at a $15 suggested donation. This is a dance party so come prepared to move your feet! Dancehall, Mumbaton, Cumbia, Kuduro and Afro-Beat tracks as well as live percussion will all be in the mix for your dancing pleasure, so come usher in the New Year with us at your friendly neighborhood arts incubation space! Costuming encouraged! Rhythm Industry is located at 1023 S. Tyndall Ave.

And, heads-up! The 3rd annual MocToberfest is on the horizon, slated for Saturday, March 29th at the Mercado San Agustin. This is our big Spring fundraiser for the All Souls Procession, a day-long carnival extravaganza for the whole family, so stay tuned for details to come as the line-up of performances and activities comes together. As last year, tickets will again be sold for a mere $5!

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