And Visions of Krampuslaufs Danced In Their Heads!

In December 2011 we interviewed Amber Dorko-Stopper and Janet Finegar mere days following their first ever effort to manifest a vision of DIY wintertime celebration in the streets, the Krampuslauf Philadelphia.

Two years later and they have already come such a long way! Fires of inspiration have been irrevocably stoked, imaginations and hands have been made busy, and co-creators from across the city and the region have been brought together in collaboration. There’s no turning back now, people!

Have a look at this very nicely put-together video from Michael Esordi of this year’s happenings, held on a snowy December 14th evening at Liberty Lands Park and in the streets of the surrounding neighborhood. Beautiful, brilliant! Carry on, friends, carry on.

Photo of Das M├Ądchen and Friends courtesy of Amber Dorko-Stopper and the Krampuslauf Philadelphia.

Video courtesy of Michael Esordi and Believe It Tours.

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