And Visions of Krampuslaufs Danced In Their Heads!

In December 2011 we interviewed Amber Dorko-Stopper and Janet Finegar mere days following their first ever effort to manifest a vision of DIY wintertime celebration in the streets, the Krampuslauf Philadelphia.

Two years later and they have already come such a long way! Fires of inspiration have been irrevocably stoked, imaginations and hands have been made busy, and co-creators from across the city and the region have been brought together in collaboration. There’s no turning back now, people!

Have a look at this very nicely put-together video from Michael Esordi of this year’s happenings, held on a snowy December 14th evening at Liberty Lands Park and in the streets of the surrounding neighborhood. Beautiful, brilliant! Carry on, friends, carry on.

Photo of Das Mädchen and Friends courtesy of Amber Dorko-Stopper and the Krampuslauf Philadelphia.

Video courtesy of Michael Esordi and Believe It Tours.

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