All Souls Procession 2009 Budget Breakdown

Thank You Thank You Thank You! to EVERYONE who worked and played so hard with us at last year’s All Souls Procession Weekend.

This is Tucson’s largest, most inclusive grass roots Festival, and this year, your individual donations surpassed small business donations and both State and County grants combined! In this time, we are seeing our community step up and use this opportunity to change our cultural models and to create entertainment and festivity that comes from the ground-up, not the top-down.

Here we present the budget breakdown for 2009, including total revenues gathered, expenses incurred, and remaining debt as of January 2010.

All Souls Procession Weekend 2009

Profit and Loss Statement


Total:     $30,359


State/Arizona Commission for the Arts:  $2038

Tucson Pima Arts Council:  $5040

Misc. Donations and Other Revenue

Corporate*:  $7213

Private Donors:  $8768

Special Events:  $3007

Merchandise:  $4293



Total:   $33,303

Artist Fees*:  $4650

Space Rental:  $850

Insurance:  $236

Security/Tucson Police Department:  $3480/2700

Equipment Rental:  $5250

Supplies*:  $8126

Website:  $672

Marketing/Promotion*:  $1463

Tech fees*:  $2921

Infrastructure*:  $1265

General operating costs*:  $1690


DEBTS  as of January 2010

Total:   $3454

Security:  $2700

Insurance:   $754

* detailed breakdowns available on request

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