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Have you heard? We’re starting a new festival tradition here in Tucson, a tradition rooted in one that’s rather old: the Carnaval. Read on to learn more about our upcoming local Carnaval, Carnaval as celebrated in other locales, and communal festivity in general as we talk with Cliff Berrien and Yarrow King from Tucson’s own samba troupe, Batucaxe.

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How Much Does the ASP Weekend Cost?

By Paul Weir

Greetings, friends! As we enter the 20th year of the All Souls Procession, we would like to respond to your inquiries and share with you how much the Procession costs and how it all happens. First off, please know that we are and have always been a transparent organization-as well with the official non-profit status that we attained in July of 2006, we are also IRS compliant.

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“What would you like to see happening in and around Tucson that could help to create stronger community bonds, a greater sense of investment in what goes on locally, and more participation in that process?”

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