Gifts To My Children

Emma Jensen at Tucson Circus Arts

Long legs wrapped in silk

Spinning poi and tangled lines

No care about the practical for her

As she learns to suspend in air trusting

Her body to be


Such balance as she moves forward

And will learn to be



How to fly

And he, independent, solo boy, learns to keep

Time, rely on others to fill in


Become part of many as they rely on him as he depends

On them

To make drums sing

Conjure thunder boom

Alex Jensen with Odaiko Sonora


Team without competition

Cohesion and freedom

A whole more than the sum of its parts

Parts aware of how they are the whole




And they

Paint wings to comfort

Or delight express

Grief connect

Stand by skulls spun of sweetness

And encourage to do what you will

And guide, replacing paints, and brushes to clean

Then parade with all, joined in travel round

From undefined to something else

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