Just Like Today

I wonder what it must be like

to awaken and rise one morning,

to stretch and brush the sleep from my eyes,

look up to see the radiant sun

or perhaps dark wintry skies,

to bathe and clothe my body in the same familiar way,

and go on with all the doing of Life as with any other day,

all the while never knowing

that day would be my last.

It must seem very much like today,

or any of my yesterdays

or tomorrows to come –if there be another one– for on

that Day

I shall walk about, and breathe and eat,

think and feel, act and speak,

and how would I tell the difference between

that Day

and any other?

When I feel the wind against my face,

or the sun’s ray’s warm embrace,

or look upon the starry night and walk beneath the full moon’s light,

will I ever again?

Or never again?

So easily ourselves we deceive with all the ephemeral make-believe

we use to weave a world together,

that gives our lives the feeling of “forever”,

yet all I’ve ever known from birth

and all my human ways on Earth

will come to an end and fade away

on a day just like today.

So Now is the Time.

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