P.A.P.A. and All Souls Procession 2012 are both in full swing!!

Family, Friends, participants and Fans

we are alive and well as the heat subsides here in Southern AZ!

The 7th -Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts  and The 23rd Annual All Souls Procession are in full swing!


Sunday November 4, 2012 is the 23rd Annual All Souls Procession!

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As always there are many projects in this years All Souls Procession Weekend:

Here are some new updates!

New Lantern and Mask Making Workshops with Mykl Wells and Joe Marshall

Photo Competition/Exhibition

Poster Art Contest

Urn 2012


If you are not familiar with PAPA as we love to call it–It happens in Phoenix each year-

PAPA Overview
The 7th Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts – November 10, 2012, 5-10pm
Expected Attendance: 3000 + people
Best of Phoenix winner 2008 – “Best Parade”
Participants have included: over 75 professional artists, local and nationally recognized; community organizations including local bike clubs; neighborhood associations; small businesses; charter schools; parents and children and culturally inspired urban dwellers.

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