The All Souls Procession Weekend

MMOS’s flagship event began as an individual performance piece by Tucson artist, Susan Johnson in 1990. Today All Souls has now become one of the most authentic public ceremonies in North America today. Over 150,000 people from all walks of life come together every fall in Downtown Tucson to commemorate, honor, mourn and celebrate the passing of our ancestors and loved ones.

In the months leading up to the Procession, free, family-friendly workshops are offered to the public. In addition, MMOS gives people the opportunity to experience the event through projects like the Urn and Video Ancestry Project.

Tucson Circus Arts

Tucson Circus Arts’ mission is to provide the highest quality and most diverse physical theater, circus and performance training available. We encourage a balanced program of circus, dance, theater, music, martial arts and craft-developing body, mind and spirit through multi-disciplinary activity. Our board and teachers are both nationally and internationally based and always expanding.

TCA’s directive is to further perpetuate Circus as a fine art form. Uniting physical theater, dance, music, martial arts and circus arts we believe is the key to helping create well rounded, talented and empowered performers of all kinds.

Our programs are community based, non-competitive and professional. We strive to infuse the creative act as a mode of living and learning through practice, performance, participating and creating modern festal culture.

Emergency Circus

Composed of superhuman circus performers from around the globe, Emergency Circus administers inspirational circus shows and workshops to  the hospitalized, the homeless, the imprisoned, & the under-circused everywhere.
We seek to inspire, entertain, and enliven humanity in peril. Through spectacle, performance and the power of the human spirit, the Emergency Circus are out to achieve the seemingly impossible. To replace fear and grief with laughter and joy, if only for a little while.


SolAxé! (soul -a-SHEA)

Dança – Bateria – Alegria (dance-band- joy)

The Tucson group that you all have known for both DANCE and DRUMMING inspired by Brazil and beyond has a new name!
The group continues to offer drum and dance to the Tucson community, because what everyone shares is a love for sharing collective joy through the music and dance inspired by Brazil and beyond.

In the spirit of and with intention to honor our past leaders and our master teachers, we continue to build community by offering opportunities for all people to learn drumming and dancing regardless of their experience, as well as the opportunity to share it through performance.

Ongoing Efforts

International Procession Network

We envision a network of groups that organize public processions and events, sharing resources and talents at venues around the world. MMOS’s current outreach online and off is just the start of this network. We want to spread the quality of arts throughout all our communities, but we need your help!

Interested in joining the network? Send us an email telling us about your organization- any info regarding its mission, list of programs/projects, events- and ideas you might have (exchange programs, artist-in-residence, co-sponsored events) in helping us further perpetuate festal culture throughout the world.


MMOS plans to establish its own funding entity to help grow the arts in Tucson and abroad. We believe that until adequate support for the arts is established, this vital part of our culture will be more defined by struggle, than creativity and inspiration. We aim to fix that- with your support!

Want to become an annual sponsor to MMOS?

Contribute to the All Souls Legacy Fund

With the assistance of a key annual, private donor, we established a Fidelity Investment account for The Procession and we have an account at The Giving Block. Join the team who is in it for the long haul, contribute monthly, annually or bequeath to preserve this tremendous legacy of compassion… Contact us

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