Support the All Souls Procession!

This year culminates in the 30th Annual All Souls Procession Weekend!

From its humble beginnings as an intimate gathering of artists in 1990-the event now draws over 150,000 international participants in an overwhelming weekend of powerful and transformational events!  This is not only a testament to the tenacity of our community but to our compassion as a greater society.    The All Souls Procession exemplifies the best of our society in a one weekend series of events that are non-commercial with the intention of honoring those who have passed.

We remember together each and every year and with your help we can keep creating this event in perpetuity-creating a multi-generational events that speak to all humans.  We encourage you to donate to this magnanimous event.

The All Souls Procession Weekend relies on grants, individual donations and contributions from locally owned businesses and organizations to make ends meet.  Our budget ranges from $160-200k to cover expenses and maintenance of the organization so that we can keep creating.  Please make a tax deductible donation today, contribute at the events on the weekend or contact us directly about contributing to our living trust – that collects and saves funds to keep the mission going.

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