The Burning Question

The Burning Question is a periodic feature of The Mouth designed to help stimulate public dialogue and brainstorming on matters of creativity, festivity and community in Tucson and around Southern Arizona. Help to make the conversation happen by voicing your thoughts here! Just post a reply in the comments box (we encourage you to give your name and a brief description of what you do, but it’s not required). Have you got a Burning Question that you’d like to pose? Send it on in to and we’ll post it!

Today’s Burning Question: What projects are you working on for thisĀ  year’s All Souls Procession? Tell us about it, we want to know!

And if you have any photos you’d like to post of your projects in progress, or the finished results of your loving labors, send them in to us at and we’ll publish them here on The Mouth!

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