CARDBOARD BALL: A Fundraiser for the All Souls Procession Workshops!

Saturday, September 28, come on down for an evening of art, music and fashion at the Steinfeld Warehouse in support of the All Souls Procession community workshops….the 2nd annual Cardboard Ball!

Presented by Mykl Wells –local artist and director of the All Souls Procession Workshops– the Cardboard Ball is a showcase of repurposed cardboard creativity, a dance party, and a fundraiser that will help pay for this year’s Procession community workshops.

Spinning beats at the Cardboard Ball for your dancing pleasure will be Elva De La Torre of KXCI’s Wire Service (indietronic/dream-pop/Afro-Beat/classic New Wave), followed by DJ Carl Hanni (eclectic rhythms of the world), and ending with KXCI’s Toby Roberts (electro/minimal/breaks/techno)!

Proceeds from the Cardboard Ball will pay for the All Souls Procession Workshop’s space rental (also at Steinfeld Warehouse), materials costs, and workshop publicity. The All Souls Procession Workshops offer the people of the community an opportunity to creatively memorialize in the form of masks, lanterns, floats and more, with materials and guidance provided. And though the workshops are nominally free of charge to attend, they do of course cost money to produce. That’s where you come in! Join us at the Cardboard Ball where your ticket will help fund these integral community workshops, or donate online where you can earmark your contribution specifically for the workshops if you like.

Cardboard fashion and creativity encouraged but not required to attend! And if you have a cardboard project you’d like to display at the Ball, do contact Mykl at or call (520)665-8025 to sign up. All event contributors wearing cardboard fashion of their design or offering a cardboard sculpture for display will attend the Ball for free (though donation is still encouraged…it is a fundraiser after all!). 

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