JUNE 14*All Souls Night of 1000 Parties



Host a Fundraising Party For All Souls Procession 2013

Here it Comes- the most innovative radically-inclusive Art / Community ceremonial event in the Southwest! This is a great time to get together with your friends to start collaborating on a new project for this year?

Costume Create and Party !!!

85% of the monies raised for the Procession come from small local businesses and YOU- the participants-creators and ultimately-OWNERS and creators of the Procession. This means you have the power. You can make this Procession happen this year and and every year hereafter. Is this event heartfelt- inspiring and meaningful to you?

This is culture from the bottom-up-not the top-down. This independently produced ceremonial event has become a legacy piece for Tucson and the Region and it is MMOS’s goal to see that it thrives for future generations of Tucsonans.

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How to throw a ASP House Party

June 14, 2013 is the All Souls Night of a Thousand Parties

1. Send out your invites

2. Brainstorm your float/crew/performance ideas and/or your costume-

3. Imbibe and Be Merry-

4. Utilize the “Night of a 1000 Parties” packet and materials-DVD, Donor Slips, Budget snapshots-volunteer needs, organization wishlist and vision statements from Many Mouths One Stomach

5. Collect Money and Slips-

6. Mail them to:

MMOS PO BOX 2171 Tucson AZ 85702


1. Provide you with a hands on packet including donor slips, previous years poster, a custom DVD with a multi media presentation to help make your ASP House Party a success

2. Send you and (or your guests) if necessary a tax-deductible receipt of Donation for use on your taxes.

3. List you as a sponsor on our website

4. Listen to your feedback in a short one on one meeting post party

5. Raise $1000 or more and receive VIP access to the Grand Finale

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