This is a FREE Festival-BUILT by You


All Souls Procession is a labor of LOVE! Over 250 volunteers working over 3000 hours- help create the weekend! It is a phenomenal accomplishment each year and the event relies COMPLETELY on our will power as a community. There is no big funding, no commercial endorsements, no big payouts for ANYONE involved in the planning of it. There is enough of us that attend on a regular basis that there is A job for everyone at least ONE time…

Make this 25th Annual All Souls your time to contribute between 4-10 hours being a cog in this great memory machine. All of us at the planning level have done every job, many times- for many years. This service or “seva”, is what helps create the merit field that is so important to all of the folks on the pilgrimage for the first time or for the 25th time.

This 25th Year is a testament to this community and its resilience to remember and celebrate those who have passed in a most excellent manner and to charismatically hold space for all participants to engage… We expect well over 100,000 to converge on the streets to march on November 9th! That is going to take the efforts of more then 250 of us to make that happen successfully. Join us on September 4 for an old school Many Mouths Potluck and get in on the planning and see where you might be able to help or where you can really flourish in a project.


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    I’m working on a story for NPR 89.1/FM (AZ Public Media) to run in October about preparations for the All Souls Procession. I’d like to come to the potluck on Sept. 4 and record audio, interview people and check out the scene. Nadia, if you’re available I’d like to interview you as well. The point of the story is to show the effort and planning that goes into producing the event and talk about what’s going to be different and exciting this year. Karen let me know about the chanting workshop — I’ll probably record audio at their rehearsal as well. My story will air back to back with a radio drama I produced for AZPM last year called ALL SOULS LAID TO REST

    Let me know if you have any questions. Please send me the where-when info for the potluck.
    Best wishes,
    Laura Markowitz
    Contributing Producer, Arizona Public Media

    Missy says:

    I want to attend potluck and get involved. Every year I say this but my job always conflicts. So…I quit my job.
    I work events. From applying for permits, fundraising, set design and assembly, volunteer management and more. Please utilize my talents.
    take care,

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