Tucson Circus Arts 2nd Annual Summer Camp!

Summer Camp 2010 will be held in 2–two week sessions:

May 31-June 11 and June 21-July 2

9 a.m to 4 pm Mon-Fri (8:30 drop off and 4:30 late pick up) ages 7 and up

$200 base cost for each week (includes 2 healthy snacks a day)

$50 a week for freshly prepared lunches from EPIC Cafe -Bringing your own is also welcome-we have a full kitchen.

$25 a week stilt rental-applies towards purchase at end of camp

The Trainer Stilts retail for $150.00 and are customized for each participant

Stilt Walking, Poi Spinning, Aerial Silk, Taiko Drumming, Walking Globe, Juggling, Strength , Coordination and Flexibility Training, Costume and Make-up Design and more! Recitals after each 2 week session.

We would like to thank The Watermark Foundation, Tucson Thrift Shop and Animal Health Hospital for providing several scholarship opportunities this year.  We do have one more scholarship available for session 2  please contact us for more information

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